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How To Upgrade Your Restaurant for High-End Clients

In this article, we’ll cover key steps you can take to elevate your dining experience and get on the radar of high-end clients. Think of these upgrade tips as investments in your success, boosting your revenue and helping you stay competitive. 

Consider your decor

Restaurant interior design can be make or break for attracting high-end clients. Your target audience will be used to a level of polish and creative flair and investing in sophisticated, elegant decor can help you achieve this.

To take an example, we worked with iKaro in Manchester to create a decadent interior perfectly melding dark textured walls with plush purple velvet seating to achieve an almost royal look. It’s full of plenty of features that help to create a completely unique aesthetic. 

To stand out, you can also consider statement pieces like sculptures or ceiling installations.

For example, our project with Juniper in Wilmslow involves a breathtaking ceiling installation that blends hanging plants with shiny baubles and gold light fixtures to create a wow-factor focal point for when guests arrive.

We also worked with Lonocove in Manchester to integrate a living wall along with hanging plants around a sophisticated bar area. This brightened the entire atmosphere.

Lighting and ambience

It’s also crucial to get the lighting just right. Choose statement-piece light fixtures and on theme, ambient lighting to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. 

Our work with the upmarket Bellini’s in Cheadle blends a classy, brilliant white and grey aesthetic with warmly lit Edison bulbs to add a touch of rustic flair and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

You can also see this design ethos shine through in work like our Eastern Revive project, where warm lighting accentuates exposed wood and indoor plants to create a classy, relaxed vibe. 

For a bolder look, don’t be afraid to experiment with coloured lighting. At an initial glance, coloured lighting might not scream elegance, but when executed right it can help create a unique atmosphere that still retains class.

Our MNKY HSE project features matte black industrial-themed interior choices with red and green projected lighting and indoor plants to create a genuinely one-of-a-kind luxurious interior.

Visual branding

Developing a strong, recognisable brand identity goes a long way to ensuring that the dining experience stays with people long after they pay the bill. You can also bolster this by matching the interior decor with your brand colours. 

Take our Heineken Skylounge project, for example. The interior is lit with Heineken’s iconic green and red colour scheme, ensuring a consistent experience that customers can’t help but associate with the brand.

For a more subtle approach, consider interior choices that gently fit the theme of your brand identity. 

Our work with Wood Fire Smoke in Congleton blends exposed brick walls with industrial touches and elegant seating to achieve a unique visual experience for guests that fits the theme of the company. 

Elevate your interior 

We hope you’ve found the suggestions in this article useful. For more inspiration on how to upgrade your restaurant to attract high-end clients, you can further browse our project portfolio. You’ll find some of the most innovative and successful dining spots in the business.

If you’re interested in giving your restaurant a luxurious revamp, get in touch with us today to discuss how Daniel James Interiors can realise your vision.

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