What makes a modern bar stand out?

With new bars popping up all the time, people have more choice than ever for where they spend a Friday night. The modern high-end bar scene is full of innovative design and bland, uninspired interiors simply don’t cut it anymore. 

Here are six features of amazing spaces that make people want to spend their time and money inside!

High impact bar features

What makes a modern bar stand out is nailing a unique blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and atmosphere. Here are some strategies to revamp your space and bring in more customers. After all, who doesn’t want to relax with an ice-cold drink in a simply stunning interior?

  1. Innovative lighting

First things first: getting ambient lighting right is the best way to set the mood in a modern bar. Look into dimmable or smart lighting so you can adjust the atmosphere as day transitions to night. You should also highlight key areas around the bar with accent lighting to add visual interest and a sense of personality. 

Our MNKY HSE project uses accent lighting to highlight the indoor plants creating a luxurious jungle vibe that customers love. You can also play with statement fixtures like chandeliers, Edison bulbs, or neon signage to serve as conversation pieces. 

Our House of FU project is also eye-catching, combining a relatively simple colour palette with warm pink neon signage that completely transforms the place into a haven of cute chic.

2. Distinctive bar design

Consider striking bar counters that act as a focal point for the space. Materials such as reclaimed wood work excellently in modern bars, as do sleek metals and marble for less maintenance and easy cleaning. Also, creating eye-catching back bar displays is a great way to wow customers as they first walk in. 

Our work with Salvi’s in Deansgate resulted in an incredible wraparound bar by blending white tiling, deep green, and gold, and an open design that customers love.

3. Textures and materials

Combine the right materials to achieve the sort of vibe you’re trying to create. For grungy avant-garde industrial spaces look for things like wrought iron for a patina look, or copper and bronze fixtures for steampunk-inspired modern bars. 

The mix of wood, metal, glass, fabric, and ceramics you choose will heavily affect the atmosphere. Our Eastern Revive project showcases this beautifully, adding intrigue by contrasting wood panelling with different stains to the rest of the flat black ceiling. You can also look into eco-friendly materials like reclaimed wood, recycled metals and organic fabrics to show customers you’re focused on sustainability.

4. Colour scheme

For modern bars, we think bold contemporary colour palettes that reflect your brand are a must. Think deep blues, rich greens or vibrant reds. Our iKaro project in Manchester blends classy deep purples with striking blacks to create a truly royal atmosphere. You can also add accent colours throughout the furnishings along with thoughtful accessories like artwork to accentuate this.

5. Art and Decor

Displaying artwork from local artists is a fantastic way to give a modern bar a unique touch, while also creating conversation pieces and showing customers you’re in touch with and support the local community. You can also integrate artwork into themed decor, like vintage posters, modern sculptures, or other quirky artefacts. Our Juniper project in Wilmslow has an open ceiling area that’s packed with plants, baubles, flowers and lighting in a way that makes everybody look up.

6. Greenery

Indoor plants offer a brilliant way to add freshness and a touch of nature to modern bars. You can also look at features like living walls and hanging plants to make an interior truly special.

Our Lonocove project in Manchester blends a lush living wall with ceiling-mounted plants above the bar to shake up the run-of-the-mill plant pots found in other bars. Space providing, you could even add something like a small herb garden, cultivating ingredients on-site for cocktails and dishes makes for great advertising and conversation starters.

And there you have it, that’s what makes a modern bar stand out. If you’re looking to completely transform your bar, why not get in touch with us here at Daniel James Interiors? As experts in commercial interior design, we’ve got creating breathtaking hospitality spaces down to a science. Browse through our projects gallery and you’ll see what we mean!

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